Become a member of the "Circle of Dragons" Training program this program is structured differently from the normal other pool schools. Our curriculum and teaching methods are different as we have only one objective in mind to make you a position player who wins games. We offer our student's "Experiences" rather then simply teaching you the same old stuff like stroke, stance and other basics of the game. This is designed for the player who wants to advance to a higher level of position play. This program is designed with only one purpose and that is to either runout or win games.

The "Circle of Dragons" provides avenues of learning to satisfy any interest and fulfill the goals and demands of any students. For those of you who are interested in learning how to play better position and win more game then this program is for you. What we offer is no doubt is one of the most functional, efficient, and effective methods of playing pocket billiard ever developed. You are taught in a relaxed yet disciplined training environment using real teaching and training methods that will improve your game.

As we guide our students to find their own capabilities and reach their own talents at the table you will begin to see why a structured program in playing position will advance your game faster then the trial and error methods you are using now. Throughout this program each student is ensured personal attention and instruction that guide you all the way to your "Black Belt Level" in position play. As the student you are going to be discovering new things that will make position play simple for you as you will become more excited and find this type of class stimulating as you learn what you have been doing wrong all these years.

You are going to come away from this class a different person because you will have learned something's you didn't know about this game. The instructors at my school have spend many years devoted to training in the art of pocket billiards and have attained a level of skill qualifying them to teach and guide you in how to play position and the simple mistakes we all seem to make. The standards and expectations of the students and the instructors are demanding because you need to understand the importance of why we fall short in our position areas. This program requires a level of commitment above that of what is seen in other pool school programs.

The "Circle of Dragons" is based on the student's ability to perform certain standards at each belt level. Each belt level is designed to increase the students understanding of proper position play. Testing is the opportunity for the student to demonstrate their proficiency in each level of belts in order to be able to advance and learn material that is more complicated. The testing in the "Circle of Dragons" provides structure as well as setting goals in order to help students attain their ideals in pocket billiards.

Testing in the "Circle of Dragons" is the best bar none. All students must demonstrate the last material before testing for the next level belt. Each level has a one-hour "going over the material" with your instructor then in the second hour the student takes the test. Example: when the student is going to take his/her test an instructor will work with them for one hour and answer any questions that the student may have at that time

The second hour the students take the test with the instructor who you will need to win three out of five segments for that belt rank. When you pass that test you then advance to the next belt level. Each level test is diagrammed for you and as you go through the program you begin to build your own manual with your personal notes included by the end of this program will have a complete manual based on this entire program. You will also receive a certificate for each level of accomplishment. They are 6 levels you need to pass to become a Black Belt Level. Those levels are Green, Blue, Purple, Brown (two levels); Black belt level has two extra levels that include kicking and banking systems, which is optional. Each of these higher levels after black belt have three part to each one so there are another six levels that you can reach.

The instructor will let you know when he feels you should take your test as he is best qualified to know when he thinks you would be able to pass it. Once your instructor determines you are proficient with the material then you will be asked to take your test. Testing is held generally on one day during the month but instructor will make exceptions to accommodate your schedule upon request. Upon passing the test you will receive your new level certificate stating your advancement. It will be posted at the school, once you have reach black belt level your name will be placed on a plaque at the school for permanent display.

During testing many other parts of your game will be observed by the instructor such as attitude when missing a shot, your stroke mechanics, how often you chalk and many other things that we tend to forget about when playing. If you basic game is solid then you should have no problem completing any of these belt levels. Once you reach black belt level your game should be outstanding. All it takes is your commitment to work hard and understand where your knowledge level is and how to improve it. Let's get started!

The first test you take you will take alone, it consist of using three balls placed in a specific spot on the table you will break them and after they have stopped moving you will tell the instructor where each ball is going to go (Which pockets) then take ball in hand and runout the balls as stated by you. If for any reason you are out of line you did not complete the exercise properly, as there are no "I can make it from here" is not the point, the point is to learn how to play perfect position on each shot. As in all drills the instructor will work with you for one hour and explain how things work and the reasons you are not in line, he will answer all your questions. Then the second hour you will take the test and if you pass it then you will be given the next test information for the next level belt rank.

For each belt level that you reach you will be given a certificate of that level and a key chain matching your rank (Color) for your cue case display. Once you sign up for the "Circle of Dragons program your objective is to Black Belt level. This can be complete is a timely manner, and at each level you will see how it becomes a little harder and harder but very reachable with a little work and understanding of speed control and position vectors. After you complete the first test all other test will be against the master instructor and you need to defeat him three out of five tries at the test you are taking.
The beauty of this program is that you only pay for each test that you take the cost for each test is $60.00 which means that if you pass the test you then move on to the next test, but, if you do not pass for some reason when you retake that test it is the same price as before $60.00. Once you reach the black belt level you not only receive a certificate for Black belt level but your name will also be entered on a plaque at the school along with all the other who have completed this program. If you are having problems with any part of the test your instructor will be more then glad to go over any part that is giving you trouble and fix it for you. If you pay attention and practice what the instructors are showing you in a very short time your game will improve more then you possibility know. You will have excess to the master instructor at anytime by e-mail or his personal home phone to answer any questions you may have about any part of your game.

So if you are looking for a challenge in your game instead of the normal things that all schools are showing their students then you want to sign up for the "Circle of Dragons and really improve your game beyond your own expectations. Call or e-mail today and kick your game up a few notches right now not five years from now. You will find out more about playing pocket billiards then you ever thought about and not to mention how easy it really is once a master shows you how to make it work and why. We will talk about easy angles and hurting angles, why you should never cross the line of aim. (Of course) there are exceptions to certain shots. XXXXXXXXXXXX

I'm a student of the game and spend many hours working on pattern play, shot selections, etc.. The purpose of this program is for the student to put shots together in drills and then in a test of different competency levels that should be achieved as the student continues to increase their skills at the game. I decided to use a belt system like that used in the Martial Arts so you can work through these levels on you journey to improve your game. As you know the word journey means a quest for perfection. In the martial arts the student is taught the basic fundamentals of kicking, punching, and sparring techniques through each belt level with the difficulty increasing as the student advances.

Each skill builds upon the last belt learned, typically there are specific techniques and skills on the from of a Kata (Set movements) or a pre-arranged pattern that the student needs to complete to reach that belt competency which are designed to "build concentration" and use fluid movements of stroke to achieve it. I have arranged this course by providing you with a certain set of test that you need to complete. It is my hope that this type of class format will provide you with an opportunity to learn and have enjoyed the game as you progress.

Again, keep in mind that a quest is a journey and not a destination. I have provided some guidelines for each diagram (tests) on the level of achievement to be attained at that belt level. As you accomplish these levels of competency you will stretch yourself by increasing the level of accomplishment required by setting your own goals for each test. To get the most out of this program you need to set and work with the patterns or drill until you are comfortable with your execution at your skill level. The suggested competency levels for black belt on every drill is completed it five times.
The student will find these belt levels very challenging and they cannot be achieved without hard work and a wiliness to commit time and effort into them I'm confident that through hard work they are attainable. If you have a practice partner you can add an element of competition with each test. "The belt system" there are three levels to each belt as follows.

Each test contains a recommended competency level to be achieved for that test. After you have earned your first brown belt level (there are three levels) to brown belt. Your instructor may ask you go back to the first level of brown belt and complete the black belt level for that test. As you will need to be ready for your black belt test which needs to be completed to maintain your belt.


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