There is a tremendous gap today between knowing and doing. We know so much more than we do, isn't that true for you? If we were to measure our level of actual performance against our level of knowledge, we always under-perform. We always over-know. This is normal and as it should be. Yet sometimes the lag in the transfer of knowledge to action becomes too much of a gap. How big is the gap in your performance? How much of a gap can you endure?

Seems like we are operating from a confused map, a map that tricks us. It comes from confusing true action with deceptive substitutions that only give the impression of doing. We take a pre-action and consider it an actual action. Some of the things that clog up the gap between Knowing and Doing have to do with giving in to the inhibition of fear. We become afraid and so inhibited from acting. We freeze up. We become paralyzed.

There are structures or lack of structures that increase the gap-systems that do not allow the translation from knowing to doing. And of course there are more personal things like failing to be action oriented, excuses, etc. Other things that extend the gap between knowing and doing have to do with giving in to the fear of missing. We become afraid and so we cannot do. This fear evokes a higher level about knowing and we tend to set up a sign that says "Danger", too risky, Avoid! This is what makes what we know move further and further away from the action.

Players who suffer from this think that if they only know more, so they buy another book, attend another longer class, And all this does is broaden the knowing - doing gap. As they are learning more, they are still not doing! The problem is not in knowing and so the solution will not be in more learning. The problem is the fear frame we have about our ability to perform. The refusals to face the fear and just do it! The problem is you will not take the calculated risk.

Then there are the taboos that forbid and prevent us from taking action. There are the structures, or lack of structures, that increase the gap. Systems that do not allow the translation from knowing to doing, do you have a structure set up for acting on your knowledge about playing? You Don't !!! Then no wonder the gap keeps widening between knowing and doing! And then there are those excuses we come up with all the time.

Deceptions, be careful how you think.

1) Thinking that knowing is sufficient for success.
2) Thinking that measuring things is an action or contributes to performance.
3) Thinking that making a decision is the same as action.

Clogging the gap by giving into fear:

1) Fearing the complexity, lack of clarity about what to do specifically with this type of shot.
2) Fearing risk, mistakes, errors, and imperfections.
3) Fearing the competition, focus on what other are doing and trying to copy what they do.
4) Fearing the new, the different, and the unpredictable, falling back on standard operating procedures and so mindlessly defaulting to what you have always done.

Taboos that prevent and forbid action:

1) Don't make a fool of yourself.
2) Don't risk making a mistake, it's too dangerous.
3) Don't be imperfect.

Lack of action:

1) No structure for following up.
2) No structure for rewarding learning from mistakes.
3) No structure for rewarding risk taking.

Personal items predisposing us from taking action:

1) Not being action oriented in our person, being inactive and passive.
2) Making excuses and letting excuses stop us.
3) Discounting small actions.

Here is a Question for you: When is an action not really an action? Answer: When the action does not actually lead to performance.

Many players extend the knowing - doing gap by thinking that studying, reading, and learning alone is sufficient. It's not! Reading another book or watching another tape will not change anything. What it will do is fill your head with more knowledge, and that may very well be the best knowledge in the field. Yet, if you do not act upon it, it will have the same effect as if your head was filled with worthless information. Waiting until you "Know it all" or have "expert knowledge level" is one of the worst deceptions. You have to get out there and make mistakes!

Yet, fear of making a mistake is another key way that many players widen the knowing-doing gap. They know but won't do because they fear messing up, making a mistake, risking failure, etc. So they excuse themselves from the most basic form of learning, "Trail and error learning". Do something, experiment, and just get feedback.

Confusing talk with doing is another major way that we fill our heads with more and more and weaken our performance muscles from actually doing anything. Talk may prepare us for doing. Talk may empower us to formulate our plans and motivate us, but talk in and of itself is not doing!

Measuring things is an action, but most of the things that really count cannot be measured. Moreover, if they can be measured, they cannot be measured with precision. This is where fears come in again, because systems of interactive parts are complex and involve multiple contributing causes; we often become inhibited in action because we fear the complex. We fear not knowing for sure what we are doing.

Because the knowing - doing gap prevents the actual implementation and undermines top-quality performance. We are making the closing of the knowledge -doing gap a primary focus. Already we have identified and developed several patterns that help to translate knowledge into real life action on the pool table.


1) Do you have any knowledge that has un-tapped power and potential just waiting to be released?
2) Would you like to release it so that it becomes the engine in your performances?
3) Would you like to be able to take effective action?

This training can be very dangerous to your old excuses, and your current skills of blaming and whining. Excuses will be blown out. Problems will be identified and fixed. This training is not for the faint of heart.

We can discuss this at anytime. This is an open forum where you can say what you think. Let's get started with a few things we know and see where we are right now!