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Contact Ken Tewksbury at 603-545-2709 or 603-225-8298 Concord, New Hampshire or
e-mail me at ken@billiardinstructor.org

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ken Tewksbury and I live in Concord. NH. I am a Master level instructor certified by the ACS and World Billiard Instructors Association as Master level, and formerly a BCA master level instructor. I recently became a Master level instructor for the DPM Universal Billiard Instructors Association. In doing your research work to find an instructor you will find that I am the highest rated master level instructor in the complete northeast region of the USA. I currently do not play any longer because the lessons at my school (see web page for pictures of school http://billiardinstructor.org) keep me too busy as I teach seven days per week including evenings. My rating as a player for the BCA was between 9-10, APA a 7, TAP a 7. As a student, you want an instructor who is a high rated player and one who can tailor lessons to fit your particular needs

Private lessons are now available. All lessons are given on pristine Connelly nine-foot tables. One of the best things about the private lessons is that the student can ask more questions in a relaxed atmosphere. I even have students who do not want their competition to know they are working on their pool games. I offer complete private lessons for those who do not want to take a lesson in a bar or pool hall with everyone watching you as you try new things and ask questions. Call or send me an e-mail for available appointment times and pricing of lessons.

Over the last few years I have seen other instructors change their prices. My hourly rate has not changed since I started my school. I have found that $40.00 per hour is more than a fair price for the amount of knowledge you will receive. If you are a league player for either the BCA, TAP or APA, I will extend a discount to you provided you take a series of lessons over a period of time. For example: 10 weeks of two hour lessons. I find that type of arrangement works best for most all players in a league.

You, the student, are very important to me personally. I have taken many hours of lessons myself and I will share some of the main problems that came up for me as you progress. One of the main problems I have seen with other instructors is they do not start you at your current level of play. You should not have to pay for things you already know. What you do want are some lessons that will improve your game today. Here are a couple of mistakes other instructors tend to repeat: Telling the student there is only one way to do something or telling the student to practice 8 hours per day to improve their game.

I will not make those kinds of mistakes with my students - so this is what I do for you. I "test" each student in the first part of the lesson to see his or her current level of play. After I see the student's current level of play I then go forward with the training to the ability of the student at the level that needs the most training and the relationship will begin.

Please review my web site and send me an e-mail or call me for your lesson needs. You will find a section on my web page for "Student Testimonials". I have posted a few comments from my students and will continue to post more as they come in to my school. I look forward to working with you so your game improves as rapidly as possible.

Please contact me at (603) 225-8298) or E-mail me at ken@billiardinstructor.org with any questions about my lessons or courses.